Yes, I know expired. No, I am not receiving email.

Update: It's renewed, but I guess it'll take a while for DNS to sort itself out.
Update: Fixed (20-ish hours later...)

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  1. fu3dotorg says:

    Fingers crossed for getting it back again.

  2. valentwine says:

    I know it's antiquated, analog technology, but many times if you call the registrar on the phone and give them a credit card number you can renew a domain, particularly if you are not trying to make any changes to it, only renew it. It's worked for me before when I had trouble logging in to the registrar's website. It's worth a shot.

  3. jwz says:

    Several people are telling me "you should use pairnic instead of domaindirect" but I fear the kind of monumental fuckups that might result from trying to transfer. Also, most of my domains appear to expire in 2010.

    • violentbloom says:

      I'm finally transferring from network solutions. I was going to before but I was advised that I might lose my domain due to the slowness of the process. This time I started a month ago, and in theory should happen in 4 more days. sigh

      its stupid

      • fu3dotorg says:

        Network Solutions? - I believe we used them before the boom.

        From what I can remember, and if they're the same folks, it was an endless faxworks from hell for every miniscule detail, and always some useless delay.

        • violentbloom says:

          Yeah I ended up there because I never had time to deal with moving it once domain registration got spread out into separate companies-you know back at the dawn of time.

          But they just raised their rates to 89/year. Seriously what the fuck!
          It was a good motivation to transfer. On the upside no faxing is involved. And changing your email from the one registered is now easier too. But on the whole still a big pain in the ass.

          • fu3dotorg says:

            Yeah, little need for hunting the 'optimal' registrar all the time, as long as the greed stays at a certain bearable point.

            The faxing was probably because email wasn't serious enough at that time (for greedmongering, I guess,) or it could just be for us internationals.

      • kap_ says:

        I apologize if I'm reading into this incorrectly and/or insulting you for no reason (or really just being a complete asshole, it is entirely possible), but all you people waiting until your domains are about to expire or up for renewal before transferring them are complete fucking idiots. Any registrar you transfer to will honor ALL current time left while requiring at least one year's worth of renewal purchased from the new registrar. Transferring a domain to another registar should NEVER result in losing time, only in extending your domain through it's current period plus at least one year.

        Again, apologies for being a dick (and twofold if im being a dick to a person that already knew), I am a little drunk, but this has always been true, ever since netsol lost the monopoly. How does everyone not know this?

        • violentbloom says:

          Well first of all a month and a half is not exactly the last minute.
          Second some of us have jobs. I'm busy. I don't have time to fuck with this shit before it becomes important. And you know apparently a month and a half was exactly the appropriate time needed. Last year I started the process a month before hand learned it was not enough time, and because I work so much, waited until I had to deal with it again. Before last year network solutions was annoying but had competative rates, and you know I work a lot so it wasn't worth the effort.

          Lucky you to have so much free time.

    • mc_kingfish says:

      The year 2010??? But that's in the FAR-DISTANT FUTURE!!!

  4. scullin says:

    No problem, in the mean time I was shown the way to score some excellent Harry Potter LiveJournal icons and Jessica Alba wallwaper.

  5. pfrank says:

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    It's so very JWZ.

  6. houdini_cs says:

    Don't take this as me telling you something you obviously don't know, take this as another point of view.

    My registrar/host (1and1) just renews my domains. I get an email about a month beforehand saying "hey, domain X is about up. If you want to keep it, done. If not, let us know." They seem to charge me a fair amount ($6/year/domain for most TLDs). The only real downside is their management interface for the domains, but how often do you change that? "Here's my server, go" sums up the interaction I have with it.

    I've got about 30 domains in the standard TLDs, so that's my experience with them.

    • houdini_cs says:

      I've transferred 8 or so domains to my registrar from a bunch of different registrars. It's frequently as simple as telling my registrar "domain X, transfer it to me." The other reg. deals with the current owner. You might have to get a "transfer code" or some BS from that registrar, but that's not bad. At the price they go for, it's not really a problem to do it a month or two ahead of time. I've never even looked at the expiration time when I've done so.

      In case it isn't obvious, I do some small scale hosting from a dedicated server I run. I'm not just taking random domains from people :)