oh hell yeah.

Office complex for a Polish radio station:

Apparently these are photographs of actual buildings.

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17 Responses:

  1. peristaltor says:

    I'm not a chemist. What compounds are being represented here?

    • gutbloom says:

      I think that is a molecule of pierogium. It has a half life of about four hours if boiled, six if fried. It's an organic molecule, a carboxylic acid, I think.

  2. xenogram says:

    Awesome. I bet my atomic aircar will be here any day now.

  3. Amazing - even the Spathi have invaded Poland.

  4. kfringe says:

    Can I assume that this office does have at least one hamster present?

  5. strspn says:

    Inside: beige fabric coated cubicles as far as the eye can see.

  6. valentwine says:

    I hope there's enough Tiberium ore nearby for the harvesters.

  7. line_noise says:

    Unfortunately Google Maps lets us down.

  8. zonereyrie says:

    I want that as my Evil Genius HQ.

  9. nightrider says:

    ... I'm having trouble determining which building the exercise wheel resides in.