I, for one, welcome our new pneumatic overlords

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  1. ultranurd says:

    Very cool. It looks like they tried to put the actuators where there are muscle groups in the human arm; it looks kinda like one of those cutaway anatomy drawings.

    Do they have a big off-camera compressor, or is the stuff in the transparent torso all it needs to move?

    Not sure which flash player this is, but it has autoplay set to true.

    • When I saw this I was reminded of Shirow Masamune's tendency to draw cyborg muscle groups as black cables... you can sort of see it in the neck articulation here.


      Pretty exciting stuff, recent artificial limb work.

    • dojothemouse says:

      Above her, the Schöne Maschine, the surgical manipulator, glittering, its bright, thin arms neatly folded, chromed limbs of a spider crab, tipped with hemostats, forceps, laser scalpel. Hiliary was hysterical, half-lost on some faint channel, something about the anatomy of the human arm, the tendons, the arteries, basic taxonomy. Hillary was screaming.

  2. xrayspx says:

    That would have been a million times creepier if that robot had scrawled out "helllp meee" very slowly.

    I wonder how many takes they had to throw away for stuff like that.

    • giles says:

      47 takes, but they all involved messages like "Help I've lost all feeling down my left side."

      Unfortunately they forgot to dump the take about halfway through where the robot has clearly written "Heil."

      • strspn says:

        I think it's good penmanship considering there are no position sensors for feedback. I doubt any human could do better without looking if they had no feeling in their arm.

        ("The possibility of enhancing the Airic's_arm sensors in the future, for instance by adding cameras or tactile perception elements, is ... feasible....")

        • strspn says:

          On closer inspection the PDF detail says it has position sensors. I guess compressed air isn't very precise. But still, I bet they can do better with software improvements.

    • belgand says:

      Nice to know I wasn't the only person secretly hoping for that.

      Then again, once robotics really ramps up you know someone is going to program a robot to feel pain and torture it more or less constantly, but also program it to be unable to tell anyone about it.

      Then will come the rape-bots. Machines programmed to willingly provide endless supplies of sex, but also programmed for all of it to secretly be unwilling.

      Then the rape-bots that believe themselves to be children.

      Robotics will truly usher in a new age of sickness and perversity not entirely unlike our current one.

  3. pvck says:

    Clearly what this video is missing is the bit at the end where the right arm smashes the video screen, to show us how dangerous (and therefore sexy) it is.

    (In all honesty I do wonder about how much power these things can produce).

    And, I'm so glad that your Now Playing was exactly what I thought of when the video started.

  4. God that penmanship is awful. Way to totally suck pneumatic robot arm.

  5. pushupstairs says:

    I, for one, welcome our pneu newmatic overlords.

  6. mouseworks says:

    I complained to LJ about thinking it was a new feature.

    • jwz says:

      It's a problem with this player, not with LJ. You want LJ to auto-run Flash, because when you see a youtube video with the non-playing still frame and the "play" button, that Flash app is already "running". It's just not making noise yet, because it's written sanely. Unlike this one.

      If you had to click twice to make Youtube videos go -- once to load the app, then again to play -- that would suck.

      The real answer is, "someone should upload this video to youtube and I'd embed that instead."

    • avatar says:

      Amen. I loaded up my friends page thinking what the crap is that! And scrolled down quickly trying to find the offending noise.

  7. spendocrat says:

    I was waiting for the second half of the video where it wrote ", World."

  8. geoffeg says:

    I wonder how many screens they destroyed before they stopped the hand from punching through the screen.

  9. cattycritic says:

    Robots are never going to take over the world with such terrible handwriting.

  10. Man... I really wanted to see it crush the dumbbell. It doesn't seem _that_ impressive that a robot can lift a few pounds of steel.

  11. They can make industrial robots accurate to a .001", but this one can't even scribble "hello"? Not impressive...

  12. andrewducker says:

    This post is about to drop off the end of my "links" friends list. And thank goodness for that. The noise makes me jump every damn time.

    • marcus132 says:

      Unfortunately, my friends don't post as much as yours.

      Jamie, I respect your choice not to use LJ cuts to censor your content, but would you consider using one just this once to compensate for noisy, poorly coded Flash players? Thanks.

  13. anyfoo says:

    please :( make it stop :(

  14. Can anyone tell me how to configure Firefox so that this Flash movie player doesn't auto start? Where's this "two-click to run" option?