Good Morning, Spacemen!

(You should probably stop watching when the song changes at 1:40, because these drugs last way too long.)
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12 Responses:

  1. Hmm...

    Bollywood or Berkeley?

  2. liveavatar says:

    I was disappointed not to see a ritual sacrifice at the end, after all that hoopla and the priest's ascension of the pyramid.

    Most robotic 'singing' of songs from Hair ever.

  3. jeddak says:

    So that's what happened to the Icarus Project?

  4. lordshell says:

    Wasn't that Racquel Welch?

    That's got sixties weirdness written all over it.

  5. ultranurd says:

    So that Star Trek: The Animated Series episode where Quetzacoatl is a powerful alien returning to "his children" wasn't too far off the mark?

  6. kdarr says:

    The 8-bit helix structure backdrop is my favorite part.

    • drbrain says:

      I want to climb it. Where could I find it? Or is it lost to time?

      • schwa242 says:

        It looks like a sculpture that's in Denver, or at least used to be. I don't know if it's still standing or not, but I can look since I'll be down there for work in a few days.

  7. smitty1e says:

    Link no worky-worky.