Firefox tabs

Jesus. Nevermind.
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  1. I think they lost that setting in one of the 3 billion gratuitous preferences dialog rewrites.

  2. Possibly try the "Tab killer" which can be found at

    • erorus says:

      In about 45 seconds, I installed it, restarted Firefox, tried to middle-click and Ctrl-T and checked context menus, confirmed it works as advertised, and uninstalled it. Looks like it should fit the bill.

      • legolas says:

        Hating tabs and having tab killer installed, I can confirm it works most of the time. There are still some situations where I suddenly have a tab, but not many.

        Also, if this matters to you: it took a very long time for this extension to update to firefox 2.0, IIRC.

        • ultranurd says:

          Looking at tabkiller.xul, it's definitely replacing b.addTab to call openDialog instead, assuming TabKiller is currently enabled.

          That seems like it should work every time something would have opened a new tab, but there is a check to see if TabKiller is temporarily disabled in the replacement addTab function. I can't read the kanji code comments, but TabKiller gets temporarily disabled when a window is being added to or restored from the undo cache, so it seems possible (but apparently unlikely) for addTab to get called while that cache function is executing.

          Since it loops over all of the open windows, unintentionally calling the original b.addTab method would become more likely the more windows you had open, because the cache function would be executing for longer and giving more time for addTab to get called while it was running.

          I wasn't able to get a new tab to show up in several minutes of navigating around. I'm going to try it out for at least a few days longer, because now I'm curious to see how legolas (or the javascript on a site they were visiting) was able to open a new tab while TabKiller was enabled.

          I did notice that while "New Tab" is no longer in the File menu, hitting ctrl-T replaces the current window with a blank one, which I found to be an odd setting (probably just because I'm used to using it in place of ctrl-N). There are only two checkboxes (other than disable/enable) in TabKiller's options, so I must have one set incorrectly.

          Sorry about my previous useless comment; I shouldn't have replied to that thread.

  3. eyemage says:



    choose bullet point "new pages should be opened in: new window"

    also un-click "always show the tab bar"

    that should do it i would think...

    there also might be an extension out there that hides them more effectively.

    • jwz says:

      Thank you for playing, but, wrong.

      • ladykalessia says:

        Are there websites that will force tabs around those settings?

      • xrayspx says:

        Are you referring to mid-click opening a new tab? I am running both Minefield (FF3 Alpha?) and FF 2, but I think they share a lot of the same settings.

        I see browser.tabs.opentabfor.middleclick in about:config for both.

        Maybe if that option isn't there in Firefox 2, it's something that's coming Real Soon now in FF3. A way around that if that option isn't there might be to install Minefield to get that option, but use Firefox 2.

        I've confirmed that, for me at least, all "target=_blank" opens in a new window, and mid-clicking gives me a new window in both 2 & 3. I don't know any other ways to create a new tab, aside from manually clicking the button.

        browser.tabs.forcehide also forces the tab bar to never show up regardless of how many tabs are open.

        Is there something specific that you don't want people to be able to do? Like "I need to disable 'file -> new tab' from working"?

        • xrayspx says:

          I wasn't very clear. By "share many settings" I meant that I changed settings in Minefield, and they took effect in Firefox 2. So I'm not sure if some of these may have been introduced in Minefield.

        • jwz says:

          I have that setting too, and tabs still show up. Always with middle click, sometimes when a page tries to open a new window. Target? Javascript? I neither know nor care, I just want tabs out of my life.

          • fu3dotorg says:

            Does adding this to your User.js help anything?

            // Makes "new window" pages open in current window/tab

            user_pref("browser.block.target_new_window", true);

            • jwz says:

              I don't know, but that sounds exactly like something I don't want.

              If you don't know, that's fine. I don't want to play whack-a-mole with guesses.

          • xrayspx says:

            You've got me then. With the middleclick about:config setting set to false and the regular preferences -> tabs panel saying New pages should open in "a new window", I can't make any site that I've tried force a new tab to open.

            Mainly I was using since they have everything open in a new window, and it is doing windows now, not tabs. Mid-click is sending me to windows too.

            Good luck

  4. spikenheimer says:

    for what its worth, i switched from Firefox to Camino for my non safari browsings a while ago (camino is cocoa vs carbon blah blah blah) and in the preferences for camino is a way to turn off the tab bar and it only shows up if you hit cmd-T. not exactly the same as safari's "Enable Tabbed Browsing" but close...

  5. It'd also be kind of cool if Firefox on OSX wasn't ridiculous slow, bloaty, and had native UI/form elements (oh wait, it will in 3.0! IT ONLY TOOK YOU THREE MAJOR REVISIONS! GREAT! THANK YOU OPEN SOURCE!)

    blah blah blah inline-block blah blah popup wordwrap blah blah etc

  6. The "Tab Mix Plus" extension has a great many options regarding when to open tabs and how they work. These include, naturally, the ability to set tabs to *never* open for anything. It will not, however, stop you from manually opening a tab with CTRL-T, so it's not a perfect solution.

    "tabkiller" seems like the best solution.

    So, (not expressing any opinion on tabs myself) why do you hate tabs?

    • skington says:

      I googled this earlier, and it appears that Jamie systematically minimises any windows he's not using (which is why he wants to open a new Safari window by right-clicking, then clicking "New window" rather than left-clicking and hitting command-N, because the latter would pop up a Safari window from the Dock, which was presumably minimised for a reason - i.e. go away for a while). Which is why he doesn't like virtual desktops - he has no use for them - or tabs - he thinks they're getting in the way of the window manager.

      Jamie has also commented favourably on Safari's ability to open links a new browser window behind the current one, which has the advantage of working with Exposè.

      Sorry for no links - my machine crashed earlier. A google for " tags" is pretty informative, though.