are you thinking zombies?

Because I'm thinking zombies.

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16 Responses:

  1. line_noise says:

    Doesn't look too secure to me. I prefer using chains and padlocks when locking zombies in buildings. Although the zombie repulsing mandala at each corner of the doorway might help.

  2. chuck_lw says:


    Security by honor system?

    I got nothin'.

  3. ydna says:

    I'd prefer an early warning system before the got too close to me.

  4. ivorjawa says:

    I think even the zombies would be repelled by the bum pee.

  5. korgmeister says:

    I'm thinkin' Freemasons.

  6. ultranurd says:

    I'm much more concerned about raptors.

  7. unxmaal says:

    If you search the same linked Google Map for 'zombies', the DNA Lounge is the top hit.

    Sir, are you a zombie sympathizer? Do you have love in your heart for those crawling things of the night that gnaw the flesh of the living?

  8. slacktide says:

    I'm thinking it's the perfect venue for a Great White concert with an indoor pyrotechnics show.

  9. taffer says:

    Clearly, there's only one reliable way to find out... let's split up and search for clues!

  10. boonedog says:

    I'm more inclined to say "the criminally insane". What with mental health resource cutbacks.

    Or werewolves.

  11. ghosthacked says:

    firemarshall will have a field day with that one