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Dear Lazyweb, my iMac is 17 months old now. I'm ready for it to be twice as fast. The new iMacs appear to be only 40% faster. What happened to this "Moore's Law" I've heard so much about?

Also, still only 4GB RAM? WTF, am I the only person who wants to be able to run Photoshop and Safari at the same time?

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DNA Lounge: Wherein you bring your mom.

Photos! So many photos... So tired of editing photos...

Also! This Wednesday is DNA Conception Day: it will have been exactly 21 years and 9 months since DNA Lounge first opened on November 22, 1985. That means that Wednesday will be the first day on which someone can legally attend DNA Lounge who was conceived in DNA Lounge.

If you can prove that that is you, you get in free. No, I don't know how you'd prove that. Maybe bring your mom and have her tell a convincing story.