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Earplug provides steer-by-tongue control

A device that detects ear-pressure changes -- to determine how a person is moving their tongue -- should let people with extremely restricted movement control a wheelchair or computer more easily.

However, some improvements are needed before tongue movements can be detected when a person is active. "If you are running or moving around, the bones of your skull conduct too much noise," says Vaidyanathan, "but I think improving the design of the earplug and the mathematical signal processing could address that in future."

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4 Responses:

  1. buz says:

    I've been steering with my tongue since the first time I played "Doctor".

  2. Apropos of lickable interfaces, you may be interested to know that the iPhone does, in fact, have a lickable interface.

  3. lostraven says:

    Errr... you gotta' lick it before you kick it?


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