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More cyborg porn.


Update: From their press release: "Some patients, especially soldiers, love the more robotic look of the i-LIMB Skin, but others like their device to blend anatomically with the rest of their body, and prefer to have a life-like covering for the i-LIMB Hand and ProDigits." Hah! Crazy meatsacks. Where's the chrome?

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  1. xinit says:

    It only comes in 4 and 8GB models? Lame.

    It'll never catch on.

  2. buz says:

    Eh - It's been done...

    (But on a side note, it's amazing how much porn turns up on a Google image search for "Kung Fu Grip"

  3. I like the people who haven't bothered with the creepy faux-skin covering, but I'm disappointed they're not offering a highly polished stainless steel model! I mean, if you're going to have robot parts, go all the way...

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, the fake skin is terrible. If I had a robohand, I'd totally bling that shit out with neon ground effects and integrated flashlights and bottle openers. My hand would blink "12:00" after a power failure.

      • On the other hand, those fingers come off with a single screw -- the market for third party aftermarket bionic fingers is now wide open!

        I bet the first one is a laser pointer finger.

        • jwz says:

          Also, now that they have the basics working, shouldn't they be doing things that are an Abomination in the eyes of The Lord, like, finding out what happens when you make the fingers bend both ways so that you can make a fist backwards? And wouldn't a second thumb be more useful than a pinky? And a 720° wrist. It works by picking up signals from the wrist muscles, but what else is in there to be tapped? Only five? Maybe more fingers means more human! Maybe there are other inputs you could learn to use to make the fingers spin or telescope. Or extrude claws.

  4. cavorite says:

    If i where in the porn biz, I would be paying good money for one of these patients to model it as far as they where willing to go, that's probably an untouched market.

  5. styroteqe says:

    it can't be reasoned with, and it will not stop, until you are dead

  6. tokkan says:

    Man, it's stuff like this that makes me damned glad I just got into Biomed Engineering. I want to help lives better too!

    And by that I mean cyborg porn.

  7. wfaulk says:

    In the picture of the girl cutting the apple, she looks like she's being far more delicate and awkward than anyone would normally be in such an activity. This, to my mind, brings up a number of possibilities. One, she initially cut off her hand while trying to slice an apple, two, she's not used to the robot hand yet, or three, the perceived cost of replacing the robot hand is higher than the perceived cost of slicing your real hand off.

    • jwz says:

      I'll bet it's a loaner and she's afraid Santa Grinch is going to take it away.

    • lifelike001 says:

      your last guess is correct. as someone who knows a quadruple amputee i can tell you even the most basic prosthetics are pantscrunchingly expensive.. and have to be replaced at least every 5 years. its well pricey to be disabled.. i dont know why they do it!

  8. This just makes me happy. Having enough metally bits on the inside, it's nice to know one day, if need be, I'll be able to have a bunch more on the outside.

    • pozorvlak says:

      Having enough metally bits on the inside
      Replacement bones/joints? Pacemaker? Sorry if I'm being intrusive.

      • Not at all intrusive, I've had them the past 6 (7 in August) years to get used to them.

        Car accident, resulting in femoral pins in both legs (kinda like long metal rods screwed into place), 2 pins in my left ankle, 2 plates and several screws in my right arm, another plate and several screws in the top of my right hand,as well as a smaller pin in the base of my thumb, a couple of pins and rods in my left elbow/arm (start at my elbow, runs down my arm). I think that covered everything... I will admit my X-Rays are pretty neat.

        No I don't set off the metal detector at the airport, although I did last time I travelled... :)

  9. pozorvlak says:

    Hey, they tested that in my city. I live down the road from the National Centre for Prosthetics!


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