as I understand it, this is what caused the power failure

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  1. lisa says:

    First laugh of the day!

  2. I think Torino Von Jones must have been the purple grapes.

    • substitute says:

      I searched fruitoftheloomlessly for his name in IMDB hoping for gay porn. Sadly none.

    • Also, the 365 Main datasheet for the SF colo facility looks pretty laughable now.

      Ten 2.1-megawatt Hitec Continuous Power
      Systems ("CPS") designed to N+1 redundancy.

      For values of N = -1, I guess.

    • Actor Torino Von Jones, 32, said he was filming a Fruit of the Loom commercial down the block at the time.

      "We were standing over there waiting for the camera cue when we heard a big explosion," he said. "Flames came up taller than I am, and I'm 6-foot-2.

      "Naturally, when you hear an explosion, you think the worst," Von Jones said. Nevertheless, he hurried back to work. "We're Fruit of the Loom -- we've got to make this commercial."

      Damn. Fruit of the Loom is hardcore.

  3. artkiver says:

    So, when I was stuck in traffic on the way to 365Main, I drove by this and saw the firetrucks and wondered if they were related.

    Stuck at a red light I was watching the odd commercial shoot, the fruit of the loom guy in the apple costume saw me looking his way and threw me the hang loose sign and I flashed back a peace.

    Now, at 12:39 and ready to go home, my day has finally all fallen together with this post.

    Oh, and being told as I was fixing stuff at the colo that I was also pictured in another shitty phonecamera pic on the front page of valleywag, although I dispute that my shoes are moonboots.

    • ladykalessia says:

      Was that you with the bright red hair? I was thinking to myself - Gee, I wonder if he's one of the DNA folk.

      • artkiver says:

        Hehe, yup and I'm happy to say we got kink up and running pretty quickly after that picture was taken. There were some database issues that plagued us into the night and there's still a slave that needs a kick in the ass, but money-making stuff was all up and running in short order.

        It is irksome though, a coworker had asked about putting in some rackmount UPS's in our cages a month or so ago and apparently was denied. :(

  4. liveavatar says:

    Okay, not entirely.

    I don't think I'd realized until now that the guy in the apple suit wears part of the apple core as a hat.

  5. chrisbert says:

    Going for the low-hanging fruit? ;-)

  6. boonedog says:

    Dang. I knew one day the Fruit of the Loom guys were going to lead us to revolution.

  7. scullin says:

    Odd, I see red grapes and green grapes, but no currants...

  8. brutsid says:

    It's like an alternate-reality version of Buckaroo Bonzai's closing credits scene.

  9. baconmonkey says:

    shouldn't there be a "furries" or "perversions" tag on this?

  10. kimberley66 says:

    Nice, blame it on the fruit filled undies ;~)