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Dear Lazyweb, I enjoy music videos, and I have some questions:

  1. Where do you find new music videos? I subscribe to the Cliptip and Antville podcasts, but it looks like neither of those update any more.

    (They were mostly a mediocre selection anyway: primarily really uncreative videos of emo acoustic crooners in douchebag moustaches and/or neckbeards.)

  2. When are the Interwebs as a whole going to finally start providing me with music videos that are of higher quality than what I got when I ripped fifteen-year-old VHS tapes? Who decided that the entire Internet should be no more 320×240 pixels, so that everything looks like it was recorded on vintage-1982 consumer gear? I want to punch the responsible person or persons in the junk.

  3. Where does one find videos of higher resolution? I've occasionally stumbled across music videos in HD resolution, and they have logo bugs in the corner suggesting that somewhere in the world exist HD music video channels ("MHD"? "VAVA"?) What are these channels and how do I get access to stuff that originated there?

  4. Speaking of logo bugs, did you notice that Youtube has begun encoding them into the videos themselves? It used to be that the "Youtube" bug was overlayed by their flash player, and if you downloaded the .flv file, it wasn't there. But now it's there in some of the videos themselves. Dicks.

  5. It's bullshit that I have to re-encode videos when I rip them from DVD. What the hell. They're MPEGs already. I say again, what the hell.

    (And half the time, it seems that Handbrake did something stupid with the frame rate, and gave me stuttery video. Awesome.)

  6. Likewise when I pull files off of Tivo, I have to re-encode. Hey MPEG2, what the hell.

  7. Quicktime Pro can read MP4 files, and let you cut-and-paste and save without re-encoding, but when you save, it insists on using a MOV wrapper instead of MP4. What the hell.

  8. MOV and MP4 uses completely different metadata formats, and while there are tools that let you extract the Artist/Title/Album metadata from MP4 files (MP4::Info, Audio::M4P::QuickTime) there seem to be none that will operate on MOV files. What the hell.

Ok, most of those aren't questions, just whining. But seriously. What the hell. This is a seriously shitty status quo we've got going on here. I object.

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