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Dear Lazyweb,

What's a good online comic book store where I can set up subscriptions to the monthly titles I'm interested in, and have them just show up at my door with minimal hassle?

This is the kind of question that always brings out the Retard Parade, so let me try and head you off by saying ahead of time that: 1) I'm not interested in what you think of your local comic shop; 2) I'm not interested in what you think of my local comic shops; 3) no, the answer is not Amazon or eBay.

And now here's a story about how completely FUBAR Silver Bullet Comics is:

I had been using them for a couple of years, with moderate satisfaction. Their notion of "subscription" is somewhat dubious, in that before anything ships, I have to go do a bunch of clickery-pokery on their web site and re-enter my CC number every time, but mostly, they held on to the things I wanted and said things eventually showed up in my mailbox.

Until a few months ago. The last time they actually shipped me anything was in mid-April. I placed two orders in May, both of which I was charged for, and neither of which showed up. They completely stopped answering their email at that point. I finally spotted their "web forum" and tried asking there. "I'll look into that" came the reply. A few weeks later, I tried again. "I'll look into that". Weeks go by with no reply again.

Then, apparently, their store was hit by lightning.

This did not speed matters up. I guess they fucked up God's order too.

Finally, last week, they claimed my orders had vanished maybe due to "database corruption" and that they'd fix them manually right now, sorry.

So today two Express Mail envelopes arrived.

One contained my May 10th order. Great.

The other contained a piece of cardboard; a packing slip for my May 31st order; and no comic books at all. That's right, they just mailed me an empty envelope.

They win at teh ecommerces.

Update, Jul 16: Silver Bullet re-shipped that second order, with comics in it this time, so yay. But still, I'm gonna give a try for a while, since of the suggestions below, they seem to have the least-bad web site.

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