sensor cleaning, again

So, my Canon 5D's sensor is (still) dirty. I've bought a couple different cleaning kits, and, while I've occasionally achieved something of a local maximum, I can't get it fuckin' clean. I just end up moving the gunk around.

If I take it to Calumet, they'll just mail it off to Canon, and I'll be without a camera for 6+ weeks.

Is there anyone SF-local who will clean these things with a turnaround time measured in days instead of weeks?

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"Numfar! Do the dance of shame!"

So, remember when a group of Watchers were interviewing Spike and the librarian-looking woman blurted out, "I wrote my thesis on you!"

Someone wrote that thesis. "William the Bloody" by Lydia Chalmers. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Watcher's Diploma (W.D.), Watcher's Academy, London, 1998.

You may be un-shocked to know that she also has a LiveJournal.

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Human Tetris