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  1. I dropped my Treo last week and the SD card popped out, but I didn't notice until too late. So I bought a new card of the exact same model as the last one I had (Transcend 4GB, TS4GSD150) but while the last one worked fine, the new one makes Missing Sync lose its mind when it tries to write to it. Mounting it in a card reader and copying MP3s onto it manually works fine, though, so I have no idea what the difference is between this card and the last.
  2. Nobody in SF stocks 4GB SD cards of any kind. WTF.

    Update: I bought yet another different card ("A-Data MyFlash Turbo SD 150x 4G R") and this one seems to work.

  3. File under "what are they thinking": if I have headphones plugged in and am listening to music on the Treo, and a call or SMS comes in, the sound in the headphones goes silent and the ringtone comes out of the built-in speaker instead of the headphones. How is that even remotely sensible behavior?
  4. When an SMS comes in, and I have headphones on, why doesn't it just read it to me in a robot voice?

    So not living in the future yet.

  5. I've played with two iPhones, and now I totally don't want one. The on-screen keyboard is ridiculous. I can't type on it at all. This makes me sad, because I think it's very unlikely that Apple will say, "ok, that was a mistake" and stick a keyboard with actual physical buttons on the next version. They're going to stick with that non-tactile junk forever.

    The web browser is great, the pinch-zoom thing is great, but "not being able to type the damned text messages" is a deal breaker. Also, AT&T's coverage in SF appears to blow. Also it doesn't do Flash, WTF, and there are no games.

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