utterly groovy bubble house

I will be requiring a house like this. I just would not feel right inviting Derek Flint, Diabolik and Barbarella over for cocktails without a pad of at least this level of swankness.
Maison Bulle:

Update: Here's the official site, with more pictures: Palais Bulles. (It seems that Maison Bulle is a different house entirely.)

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33 Responses:

  1. niteshad says:

    Somehow, it reminds me of the house that the Barbapappas lived in.

  2. ladykalessia says:

    Somehow, the word that comes to mind is "polyp".


    Why so much pink? Ugh.

  3. ydna says:

    I think at least one of those green chairs is getting me hot.

  4. liveavatar says:

    Those green chairs inescapably remind me of an extremely instructive post I saw in little_details today.

  5. lordshell says:

    I would want some James Bond hotties to go with the house.

  6. baconmonkey says:

    and how are you ever going to fit that inside a hollowed out volcano?

  7. jkonrath says:

    It reminds me of the Xanadu House concept, but much nicer. I'm wondering how they built up the frame - I'd guess it was a bunch of spherical inflated forms covered in ferroconcrete or shot concrete. Very cool.

    One of the Lloyd Kahn _Shelter_ books has some extremely freaky ferroconcrete houses in it. They basically look like the set from an H.R. Pufnstuf nightmare.

    • grahams says:

      I was just about to say the same thing... When my family visited Orlando as a kid, we were fascinated by Xanadu... Not in the "Wow, that's awesome" sense but in the "I can't believe someone thought this was a good idea" sense.

      • jkonrath says:

        I just realized I wrote a lot more about this when the wikipedia article was on the front page a while ago: http://www.rumored.com/journal/html/20060105.html

        I think their motives were sound, but the execution didn't stand the test of time. The idea of creating a monolithic structure with super-insulative material as both the covering and the frame was good; using a papier-mache looking foam with lots of CFCs wasn't great. Also the idea of home automation with a ton of computers is cool, but using a bank of Commodore-64s didn't work out in the long run.

        It's also sad that a house that was built for the future was basically done in by mold and escalating property value...

  8. mc_kingfish says:

    It comes with it's own submersible luxury yacht

    For when Bond comes over;


    And for just putzing around the harbor with the henchmen.


    There are also several dozen, blob-shaped _non_-cordless telephones (some are on-board the submersibles.)

    Hmm... So many shows upcoming: The All-Canada Show, the ill-fated Spacestation 1966 show... but maybe the Bond show is a must for the next one (picture me in the Blofeld/Dr. Evil grey nehru jacket --with white cat, of course...

  9. phoenixredux says:

    Sure, it's beautiful, but have you ever tried shopping for furniture on Tattoine?

  10. Heh, was actually my desktop yesterday (better than pussyfoot!).

    Barbapapas nostalgia! Did they have that toon in this heathen country?

    • unwoman says:

      I only had the books, which my mom got at a garage sale. I didn't even know it was a cartoon! (I dumb)

      • It's not YOUR fault!

        Blame your heathen nation!

        • mc_kingfish says:

          As a matter of fact, Channel 2, KTVU, used to show that weird cartoon long, long ago --right about the time that my little sister was into really weird, little-sister cartoons.

          I still have a ghost of a memory of the equally weird theme song playing in the background while I was getting ready for school.

  11. jakari says:

    Where's the *ahem* playroom with the pit full of $100 bills?

  12. redshrike says:

    so i guess i'm the only one who sees this and expects some very stylishly clad garthim to come rattling through one of those doorways, huh? yeah, okay.

  13. buz says:

    ...The inhabitants:

    ...and a cross section:

  14. boonedog says:

    I think that under different circumstance I would like it, but I'm still suffering from the eyesore that is EMP
    here in Seattle. It kind of gives me flashbacks of that.

  15. violentbloom says:

    me and my manslave would be happy to take up residence should you get your own crazy bubble house.

  16. zoratu says:

    On the references page it lists MTV among others. I don't recall Real World using that house. (I might've noticed.)