These are amazingly twisted:

Lots more here.

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  1. kfringe says:

    Thank you. I take back some of the bad things I've said about you.

  2. drkscrtlv says:

    ...there goes the rest of my afternoon.

  3. rbeef says:

    As fun as these are, there's a lot to be said for having to use one's imagination while listening to the originals, if you can find them.

  4. sleipnir_ says:

    Chris morris is a genius, if you get a chance watch 'the day today' and 'brass eye' The day today hasn't aged much even though its over 10 years old now.
    Brass Eye insighted controversy with its conning of celebrities in to signing up for entirely fake causes. Such as the fake drug Cake and an anti-paedophilia message 'nonce-sense'

  5. ... and these are all broadcast on a government owned public service broadaster.

    • elfasi says:

      By government owned public service broadcaster, did you mean Channel 4, the entirely commercial and profit making, public-service UK broadcaster?

      • Yes, of course. Commercial, true, in the sense of 'funded by advertising not by government money', but it IS owned by the government, and in a sense profit-making is wrong since the 'profits' (not that it makes any, IIRCBCBBTLU, due to some of its ill-advised ventures) would be reinvested in its fine programming.

        • elfasi says:

          "Channel 4 has never received any public funding. During the station's formative years, funding came from the ITV companies in return for their right to sell advertisments in their region on the fourth channel." (wikipedia)

          I don't call that government owned, no tax payer has ever had any part in its funding. The only ties it has with the government is a remit of public service obligations which it must fulfill, but that doesn't exclude it doing anything at all above and beyond that as they see fit. As for profit making, it does all get ploughed back in, but doesn't enjoy the status of a not for profit company. The key point though is not government funded, not government owned, they do what they like after their basic remit and are well known for putting out stuff other channels wouldn't dare to.

          Interestingly the original Blue Jam radio series which came first, was on the BBC however (wholly government funded and owned), and in my opinion was even edgier. I believe the final episode was pulled off the air part way through the broadcast after a monologue involving the Archbishop of Canterbury.

  6. jcheshire says:

    ...Is that the cast of Nighty Night?

  7. autodidactic says:

    I got turned on to Jam and Brass Eye when I visited the UK in 2003. I hadn't even thought of looking for it on YouTube.

    A million thanks. :D

  8. j0ni says:

    I recommend checking out Chris Morris' most recent dropping, "Nathan Barley". Start here:

    The IT Crowd is also very funny.

  9. smin says:

    I am frankly stunned you haven't been told to watch this before. Blue Jam (and most of Chris Morris' other work) really fits, in my mind, with the monkeybutter, plastic-foot-vagina, jwz experience.

  10. rodgerd says:

    but the baby creeped me the fuck out.