I, for one, welcome our new moist, blobby robot overlords

Alexitimia: the robot that sweats.

"It's a big blob that feels like rubber when you touch it. But it also sweats when you caress its surface. The only sensors are for touch and the only output is water that runs from a tank hidden in the base of the work."

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16 Responses:

  1. Sometimes I really hate art.

  2. So, we get this, blobular sweating monstrosity (incidentally, I can find blobulary sweating monstrosities roaming the aisles of most super-stores) instead of flying cars? Way to go science/art?

  3. nyankolove says:

    Can someone please explain why the human race needs a rubbery, clammy dungball?

  4. temp_revenge says:

    Yes, but can I have sex with it?

  5. ultranurd says:

    I'm waiting for this to show up in the mattress section at Ikea.

  6. prog says:

    This sounds tactilely interesting. I wish to caress it.

    If you put a working TV screen underneath it I'd buy an explanation that it's a cynical extrapolation of mankind's ultimate evolutionary state or something. Which I think would be less interesting than this by itself.

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