I, for one, etc etc

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  1. chuck_lw says:

    I guess you can't expect immediate bipedalism from the artificially intelligent entities. There'll be a transitional period of knuckle-walking.

  2. relaxing says:

    If the site weren't a steaming pile of flash, I could give you a direct link to that leather robot handbagdog you've been looking for.

  3. dossy says:

    Sea ... ape ... overlords?

  4. peristaltor says:

    You really should create an "I for one welcome. . . ." tag. It works.

  5. The text under "Textes" no 3 is very funny. Roughly translated into English:

    Thanks to the television the population can finally participate in the justice of their country.

    The accussed is strapped to an electric chair, and then the defense and the prosecution make their cases in front of the camera.

    After a short advertising break, while the viewers deliberate (in the family), they are then able to deliver their verdict. Guilty, press 1, not guilty, press 2. As a result of the votes the conductor heats up or cools down, therefore the mercury dilates or retracts until it makes contact with the electrodes if the votes are for "take away".