google tears another hole in reality


Also, Frank Chu.

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  1. liveavatar says:

    "Ample parking near the Singularity!"

  2. strspn says:

    This Vietnam history-via-porn got ranked "inappropriate":

  3. Probably the location of a Starbucks.

  4. kraquehaus says:

    It is The Nothing!

  5. Look at the lights coming out of it and all of the distortion. It is obviously an alien spacecraft. The big black box is either a cloaking device or Google censoring the presence of aliens.

    • chuck_lw says:

      Actually, alien spacecraft are transitioning over to instantaneous Photoshopping. And that's not just for photos and video; one of those suckers could hover right over you, and you'd look straight at it and say, "Nah, I ain't buying it. That has to be Photoshopped."

  6. latemodel says:

    Clearly their crackhead-removal algorithm has had some unintended consequences.

  7. autodidactic says:

    Someone did that on purpose?

  8. abates says:

    Clearly it's the day/night interface.

    • jwz says:

      I got similar curvy tentacle-flare in some of my panos: the "Lounge": one, scroll left.

      • jkonrath says:

        The location I first saw it was right in front of Coors Field, and I thought maybe it was a decoration for some crazy baseball promotion I didn't know about. But now that I wasted two hours clicking around, I see how it's just some kind of flare thing.

        BTW if you have a good eye, you can scroll down the strip in Vegas and see the dudes handing out the porn flyers. Awesome.

    • cetan says:

      It's probably a combination of lens flare and the stitching process.

    • belgand says:

      Dimensional nexus, ley line, alternate universe Gateway Arch briefly visible... something like that.

  9. Hmm. I used to work about four blocks from there. The company I was working with got bought out by Mormons, though. Coincidence? I think not!

  10. redstickman says:

    When my friend met Frank Chu at 111 Minna, she said his breath was so bad she had to give him TWO pieces of gum in order to tolerate sitting by him.

  11. belgand says:

    Hmm... a giant, gaping void... Daly City?

  12. kebernet says:

    FWIW, I actually heard about these on the radio...

    Certain places they will black out the block around them for public service reasons: hospices, battered women's shelters, planned parenthood clinics.

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