eat of my tyrannosaur and live forever

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  3. mattpo says:

    I've been obsessed with raptor jesus lately, I google imaged searched a ton of hilarious pictures

  4. boonedog says:

    Who is that white hippie guy???

  5. ravennso says:

    Awesome on so many levels.

    A few years ago, I took a geology course at a community college where the professor taught what he called the "Two Theories Method" of geologic formation. The TTM stated, in part, that since the Theory of Evolution was, in fact, "just a theory, with no real supporting evidence" (yes, that is an exact quote) that he should be allowed to teach the Theory of Intelligent Dynamic-Earth Change (Creationism) right along side it.

    I would send him this picture, except he would fail to see the irony and would instead hold it up as just one more bit of "proof" that his side is correct...

    Wherever you live, be glad it isn't here.

  6. Wait, so there is a group that is worse than Mormons!? @,@;