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  1. I don't know which is more disturbing. The device above or the linked fact that I will be the first one in 2 out of 3 posts to be the first one to comment on anything related to penis dysmorphia.

  2. b_a_t says:

    Hi-tech penis extenderenlarger!

  3. ladykalessia says:

    Strangely enough, not available at Mr. S.

  4. xenogram says:

    That's just wrong. He isn't even wearing mirror-shades.

  5. insomnia says:

    What I find most amusing about this is that there is also a company ( http://www.extensys.com ) that creates:

    "solutions for industrial real time computing environments. Using 'best of breed' products and our many years of experience, we assist our clients in creating practical, affordable real time systems."

    ExtenSys - Engineering the Edge!

  6. sparklydevil says:

    "90% of women prefer a bigger penis"

    and who are those other 10%, and what do they prefer?

  7. edlang says:

    Turn the dial

    Does this one go to eleven?

  8. bitpuddle says:

    The site for this product should really have video.

  9. duskwuff says:

    From the department of "penis enlargement device or BDSM toy?", we bring you...

  10. And not just in the literal sense... the Amazon link is a fake, and the phone number goes to a residence where they don't know anything about Extensys Labs.

  11. capo_mojo says:

    For those times when it takes more than a noble spirit to embiggen the smallest man...

  12. kumimonster says:

    with all this penis stuff
    i figured you just had to see this one - if you haven't already


    • benediktus says:

      gee, you didn't mean the drink...

    • belgand says:

      I must be jaded, but the thing that bothered me most about that was the appalling nail polish color. Besides, I'd assume that most fetishists would prefer to choose the polish color themselves to best fit their desires. The calf is also a bit too short to be able to support socks, stockings, or any other foot coverings that the fetishist might desire to apply to it and I'm pretty certain you couldn't fit in into that many shoes.

      I could be wrong though, I'm not a foot fetishist myself, but overall it just strikes me like someone outside the community developed this without any thought for what the target market would really want assuming that "hey, they like feet and fucking so why not slap a vagina on a foot?"

      Still, that polish makes it seem like these feet belonged to some cheap bimbo.

      • kumimonster says:

        i couldn't find where the nail polish color would be chosen though i did notice that there were 2 shown.

        most of the foot fetish producers i've worked with prefer pink or more often red.

        the foot is supposed to be a size 6. so they'd be fine for fitting into my shoes (i'm a 6.5 US). i could probably shove em into my fetish ballet heels.

        well, probably, if i actually wanted a pair.
        which i don't.
        i'm pretty sure.

        considering that the Stockroom is selling this, i'm pretty sure that they're either just taking a chance or might have actually had inquiries into this sort of thing. they're not usually that off with the products they sell. (they're not always that on either though.

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