The Heart of the World

Anna! State Scientist! Terrible Calculations!

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6 Responses:

  1. liveavatar says:

    I knew that had to be Guy Maddin!

  2. taffer says:

    That was awesome.

  3. prog says:

    All of Guy Maddin's feature films are equally as obsessed with 75-year-old European cinematic styles, except they're much longer and less manic than this.

    He's one of my favorite directors, even though his most recent picture, "The Saddest Music in the World", is the only feature of his that I can generally recommend. (Which I do heartily; it's great.)

  4. Yep, Guy Maddin is cool. His new silent film Brand Upon The Brain opens this weekend at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, with live Foley effects, live narration, and live music by an 11-piece orchestra. Woo.

    • Er. Next weekend.

      Of course this is the damn internet so time is meaningless. You're probably reading this long after everyone involved is dead anyway. Never mind.

  5. sashamalchik says:

    Is it by any chance spurred by watching Brand Upon The Brain with live performance at the SFIFF at the Castro? And if so, was it as cool as this short? (It opens at Landmarks in a month)