qwerty waffles!

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  1. jakenelson says:

    I bet if this were posted on slashdot, comments would claim that dvorak waffles would cook faster, and the use of qwerty is just to slow it down enough to... I can't quite care enough to finish that line of thought.

    I'm amused that he's used the waffle iron as a medium before.

    • zooplah says:

      the use of qwerty is just to slow it down enough to

      That's inaccurate. QWERTY isn't to slow anything down; it's to allow enough time interval between striking adjacent keys so that they don't jam. The advent of touch typing has proven that QWERTY does slow you down, but it wasn't some malicious design.

      Dvorak rules, BTW, but that's even more off-topic.

    • But can you imagen how fast you could make waffles if you created a Beowulf cluster using them?

      In Soviet Russia Waffles iron you!

      There now it feels like a slash/dot post.

  2. gytterberg says:

    This is an interestingly mismatched collection. Adorable, adorable, and then still adorable but also menacing and kinky.

  3. balamuthia says:

    That's easily the creepiest shower head I've ever seen.

  4. jabber says:

    "Are you my shower?"