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"Spamtrap" is an interactive installation piece the prints, shreds and blacklists spam email. It interacts with spammers by monitoring several email addresses I have created specifically to lure in spam.

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With Comfort Zones!

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Your Race Is Doomed Forever

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As your attorney in this matter, I stongly advise you to go outside.
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qwerty waffles!

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we have teh laz0rz, and also food.

Photos are up of the Armageddon Dildos + Inertia + Social Construct show, featuring Freddy Kruger with frickin' laserbeams on his fingers.

Also, last night was the re-opening of our kitchen! This is the non-beta release, so we've got full meals this time! Come check it out on Saturday.



This is your brain on the tubes:


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MacLockPick: extract clear-text passwords from a sleeping Mac by plugging in a USB dongle.
The solution is based on a USB Flash drive that can be inserted into a suspect's Mac OS X computer that is running (or sleeping). Once the software is run it will extract data from the Apple Keychain and system settings in order to provide the examiner fast access to the suspect's critical information with as little interaction or trace as possible.

MacLockPick takes advantage of the fact that the default state of the Apple Keychain is open, even if the system has been put to sleep. It also makes use of the openly readable settings files used to keep track of your suspect's contacts, activities and history. Once awakened a Mac will return it's keychain access levels to the default state found when it was initially put to sleep. Suspects often (and usually) transport portable systems in this sleeping state.

MacLockPick is not for sale to the general public. Purchasers will be required to provide proof that they are a licensed law enforcement professional. Users are required to ensure that the use of this technology is legal on federal, state, and local level.

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Bugmaker999: These are amazing.

I also enjoy his categories: "Bugs, Creatures, Trilobites, Robots, Cephalopods". What other taxonomy could you possibly need?

Also bugfactory_feed.

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