is next: eveningwear.

Translation: "Rub me against women!"

"If you ever wanted to connect your head to your penis like some insane Escher drawing, this Halloween, consider the Mobius Giraffe."
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  1. liveavatar says:

    I'd already been pondering fear of cock today, but these strike me as positively counterphobic. Especially the freakishly stretched young Christopher Lee on a pony.

  2. loosechanj says:

    Why does the Japanese writing not surprise me?

  3. ammutbite says:

    Somebody's taken this way too literally

  4. brutsid says:

    If I reach the age of 35 and nobody has robbed a bank or convenience store wearing these suits, I just might have to pick up the slack.

    We have nine years.

  5. gargargar says:

    Some context on the "monkey with an enormous ball sack and tiny penis costume" here. That's a tanuki, which is a kind of raccoon-dog that, according to myth and custom, has the power to swell its testicles to twice its own height and beat on them like drums. Apparently the things really do have ginormous nads, though. Anyway, this particular episode of "Dear Japanese People" goes back at least to the Edo period.

    Of course, when you're a little kid singing songs about the tanuki, the adults tell you that it drums on its belly. I suspect that the realization about the truth of the tanuki coincides with the realization about the true nature of tentacles.

    • drakkenfyre says:

      You know what gets me? I was at this anime festival over the weekend to hand out some flyers for my SF and fantasy convention, and I said to this guy, "Here, take a flyer. Because anybody dressed as a tanuki is all right with me."

      He said, "What? I'm not dressed as a tanuki. I'm a [insert some word I didn't catch or understand here]."

      I said, "Yeah, but whatever that is, it's a tanuki."

      He said it wasn't, so I said, "Okay. Fine. You can sling your balls over your shoulder, but you're not a tanuki. Fine. Enjoy."

      But I can't believe that I even had that conversation; I am getting way too old for that.

  6. ralesk says:

    You're growing old - where's the obligatory "Dear Japanese people"? :)

  7. dmose says:

    It is your duty to obtain one of these costumes and wear it on Halloween.