I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

"Club It Up". I really want to know -- or maybe I don't -- why these pictures are titled "Club DNA".

Franky Stylez Catch Phrase: "I am about to Get Sick Wit It" and "Touch It"

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  1. cadmus says:

    You mean that I haven't seen these fellows at the DNA Lounge? They look like Industrial music fans!

  2. hardwired says:

    We all want to know when the Underwear party was.

    And may i say that those fake tans are amongst the most fetching in the Western Hemisphere.

  3. chuck_lw says:

    Ah yes. That's the kind of affected "tough guy" look used by guys who'd run home screaming if somebody's dog barked at them.

    Also, I want to make a smart-ass remark like...

    *"Doll Eyes" added

    ...but I'm not sure how many people would get the joke.:-)

  4. ladykalessia says:

    Self-tanners Anonymous. And that thing with the lighter-than-your-skin-tone lipstick that bugs me so much. Aiiiii.

    Seriously, she looks like she's got a cupcake growing out of her head too.

  5. greyhame says:

    The half-popped collar on the suit coat is especially brilliant.

  6. phoenixredux says:

    "Starting the Site from scratch took long hours of work with no sleep and having no previous work with html and designing web pages seems to be pretty good site."

    Also, no copy editors were harmed in the creation of this site.

    • sherbooke says:

      I can't remember worse HTML since, oh, a long time. I'd use an alias if I'd a coded that

    • netik says:

      Apparently it takes long hours of work to install photoshop 5 and run the default gallery generator tool.

      Also, I've never seen so many shitty photos in my life, aside from myspace.

  7. grahams says:

    I think there's a shitty club in Queens called Club DNA.

  8. rly says:

    When I read the part about how the site became too popular for GeoCities, I lolled out loud.

  9. netik says:

    I spent quite a bit of time bouncing between NYC and Boston growing up, and these guys all look like New York / Jersey club kids. Or Queens...

    Could it be this Club DNA?

    Club DNA
    25-22 34th Ave . 718-784-1822

    Clubitup.com Pictures at DNA
    Club DNA in Astoria Queens, Located on 28th and 34th St in the heart of the Greek community. This 2 atmosphere night club features a KTU Saturday Night ...

    • baconmonkey says:

      in the heart of the Greek community.

      that would explain the abundance of what some culturally insensitive people called "fake tans".

      But how the hell does that site make money? They have 8 employees, and 3 vehicles.

      I guess they haven't taken to using the Mega-Pervert Lens out there yet.

      Also, JWZ totally cheated, the bottom right photo is from Bliss, not DNA.

      • gytterberg says:

        Might be personal vehicles. And they might be a front for an MDMA/cocaine/illegal Chinese super tan lotion ring

      • jkonrath says:

        As a former resident of that area, I can guarantee you there isn't a single business in the 11103 that isn't an elaborate money-laundering scheme. Remember the scene in Half Baked where Chapelle goes in a bodega that has about two dollars of stock on the shelves? That's pretty much all of Astoria.

        Also take into account that everyone working there lives with their mom for free.

  10. These people spent time on their representative appearances to the degree that it makes them look bizarre and sort of ridiculous! Now where have I seen that before?

  11. mark242 says:

    Man, no wonder AJ Soprano wanted to kill himself.

  12. muerte says:

    You should get some kickass flash for the DNA Lounge website like they have on the homepage for clubitup.com. It promises to make me famous! Does the DNA lounge do that!?!

  13. tiff_seattle says:

    they were an intarweb meme about 3 years ago after someone spammed their pictures all over some site and made comments about how "gay" they looked. typical jersey bridge and tunnelers trying to look tough

    • dmlaenker says:

      It's strange: Virginia has the same economic relationship with DC as New Jersey has with New York, but Virginians don't crawl in like the bizarre refuse of a filthy wasteland.

      At least, not like this. What gives?

      • latemodel says:

        Have you been to DC lately? NY has spent the past decade implementing "quality-of-life policing" precisely so the b&t crowd will feel safe.

        • dmlaenker says:

          I'm in DC every weekend visiting my boyfriend, and I'm in the process of moving there. I can assure you there's no such thing as a Virginia guido.

  14. badc0ffee says:

    Taking the "pout" one step further to kissy face:

  15. spoonyfork says:

    What's with the Dragonball Z haircut?

  16. mc_kingfish says:


  17. azul_ros says:

    Let me guess.
    This is somewhere in New Jersey?

  18. lifelike001 says:

    annual meeting of the international tan in a can enthusiast society.

  19. c_death says:

    We rag on these photos (I think they look funny too) but click any photos at the DNA Lounge photo gallery and the people in their don't exactly look "normal" either.

    'cause pink dreadlocks and plastic for hair is so normal.

    • elliterati says:

      Maybe true, but at least all the DNA Lounge people look like they're enjoying themselves. These people look like they're auditioning for a beatdown.

    • jesus_x says:

      Yes, but you see, there's a difference between different and douchebag. These people have veered off the road marked douchebag and crashed into assclown ravine and are now covered in a thick film of dung (also known as self tanner).

  20. transgress says:

    believe it or not, you dont own the word 'dna' there is a club in queens called club dna

  21. tristesse says:

    Long Island, 100%.

  22. bifrosty2k says:


    Seriously, do people really think they look stylin with THAT much fake-tan?
    Whats with the Anime hair too?

    I have to admit tho, these girls look like they might know how to do some lines or something...

  23. jpatokal says:

    My personal favorite is this:


    And yes, that really does say "Franky Stlyez". r0k.

  24. funkeemonk says:

    These people look more like Indians than a bunch of white people with fake tans.