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DNA Lounge update, wherein you look at photos, mourn clowns, and buy tickets.
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12 Responses:

  1. remaker says:

    The opposite of "awesome" is "sucktastic."

  2. You know, generally (I thought) people announce their "final event." That way there's better turnout and they can at least say that they didn't lose money on *every* show. Or maybe I'm crazy.

    • g_na says:

      Along those lines, do you have some sort of contract with promoters who do recurrent shows? If so, can you include some sort of clause about having to give n days notice before the last event so this doesn't happen again?

  3. wisedonkey says:

    The Groovie Ghoulies broke up? After like a zillion years? I find that hard to believe.

  4. mc_kingfish says:

    My fabulous new neck is ready to help.

  5. djverablue says:

    some of my pictures are of the gothsicles....i'll seperate them into folders when i give you the disc of larger images (sorry its taking me so long....i've been actually having to do work at work)

  6. ammonoid says:

    While I would like to feel sorry for the bohemians, my one experience with those guys was that the music sucked. People twirling things/fire/contorting things, ok, nice, but not when its backed to some horrid rap music.

    Did ICP somehow permenently make the clowns = rap connection or something? I didn't get it.

    • baconmonkey says:

      I'm not sure I ever recall having heard Rap at that party, and I worked nearly all of them. what manner of crack were you smoking that night?
      The closest I can think of to rap, was Kid Beyond's amazing live looping beat boxing. Well, there was some other guy who did some flute-based beat-boxing that was pretty.... dull.