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I think it's hilarious that this orange truck — CA license plate 4Y84599* — is going to be parked in front of Google's notional DNA Lounge for (possibly) years, based on how infrequently they update the satellite imagery!

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* I'm not 100% sure I read the plate right, since DMV says it's never had a smog check. I can't find a site that will do a registration lookup without charging money.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein you look at photos, mourn clowns, and buy tickets.

Some new photo galleries are up: Meat, Bohemian Carnival, See Colin Slash, and Little Yellow Perfect.

And, with that, Bohemian Carnival is no more. Apparently they were tired of losing money on the event every month, so they called it quits. I can symphathize, but unfortunately, they decided to tell us after this month's event, "oh, by the way, we won't be here next month", thus leaving us a bit over three weeks to find and promote a replacement, or else be dark on a Saturday. So, that was, what's the word I'm looking for? It's the opposite of awesome.

Next month we're doing a Big Payback; let's hope a couple weeks of promotion is enough to get people to actually show up.

In better news, the Me First and the Gimme Gimmes show this Thursday is almost sold out! Buy your tickets now if you plan on coming. (Please note, despite what the flyer says, Groovie Ghoulies won't be playing, as they just broke up!)

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