XScreenSaver 5.02

XScreenSaver 5.02 out now.
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  1. netdud says:

    Thank you.

  2. sibsc says:

    That's great, but (sorry) the .dmg file won't mount same way as previous version.

    I could assume that it is just my fault (because I am stupid or whatever). Any feedback?

    here the file length
    26907073 bytes

    and md5

    Mac OS version 10.3.9

    error message reason: corrupt image

    Thanks in advance!


    • jwz says:

      What part of "10.4.0 or newer is required" was unclear? If you were able to mount that dmg before, then you have downgraded your OS since then.

      • sibsc says:

        Sorry. It is true I did not notice that. Never know that there is any difference for this format on different OS versions (it usually opens fine but the apps just don't work). I've got use to check (if the app is really useful) sometimes it works. I mean sometimes an app still works fine but this times a very occasional to be honest.

        So there is no way to open and see this gems on old macs? Too bad. Any chance to make it through compiling?

        • sibsc says:

          I am especially interesting on cellular automata examples - they teach to notice certain patterns.

        • alierak says:

          Well, if you just want to run some of the hacks to see what they do, I'd encourage you to install X11 and build XScreenSaver from source (using ./configure && make, not XCode). You can't really use it as a screensaver then, but it is fun to fiddle with. That's what I was doing last year to help fix little bugs in 5.0.

          And yeah, I finally did upgrade to 10.4, two days ago, so I guess I wasted yesterday morning playing with XScreenSaver 5.01.

        • jwz says:

          No, it won't even compile on 10.3; it uses a bunch of APIs that didn't exist there.

          • I've been putting off upgrading my OS because the single advantage I see in 10.4 is Xscreensaver compatibility. So as soon as 10.5 is rolled out...

        • ilgazc says:

          I would suggest you go to http://finkproject.org/ which is open source, completely free and easy. You have a Unix/FreeBSD compatible system,why not use Unix part too? :)

          You can install everything from there and its community/developers are nice too.

          You would have tools not available or being for sale (yes,happens) for OS X with couple of clicks. I actually run KDE on OS X and use its SSH/SFTP stuff here. As Linux/FreeBSD are doing this stuff for years, their utilities for such things are much more advanced and stable.

          BTW it is version 4 on Fink. I don't know it would make difference. I will send feedback to package maintainer anyway.

          I suggest Fink because it sits in its own directory, installs everything to single directory which is easily found, doesn't change anything on system and very easily removable even via dragging "sw" to trash.

          Also Apple's X11 even allows you to hide it via Apple H or minimise it,just like any OS X program.

  3. leopanthera says:

    System Preferences quits when I click on "BSOD", and writes:
    "BSOD: unparsable XPM color spec: "gray49" - to console.log

    10.4.9 on Intel C2D

  4. prof_null says:

    Thanks Jamie! I spent a happy afternoon surfing through them all - BSOD is a definite favourite : for all you folks who haven't got it yet, it features almost every system doing a crash report or the equivalent: think of the humour possibilities alone! I am surprised that even with my Dual G4/1.25 Ghz Mac some of them were slow though. JWZ is definitely Geek cool for coding such finery!

  5. lindseykuper says:

    When I was in school, all the machines in the lab ran xscreensaver. I remember how, during painful lectures, I was soothed by watching Penrose do its slow, deliberate thing.

    I graduated, got a job, switched to OS X. Today I finally downloaded the port to see if the same thing would work during painful conference calls. Turns out it does.

    I can't believe it took me this frickin' long. But this is a heartfelt thanks.