The Bloggotangle

"Here we have a hyperbolic display of blogs using both the WWE and the ICWSM 2007 data sets.

Green links are one way; blue links are reciprocal. LJ is over the eastern horizon, DailyKos is in the middle, Boing Boing is northeast, and porn is in Japan.

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6 Responses:

  1. loosechanj says:

    porn is in Japan

    I don't whether to say "duh" or "you can't possibly mean normal porn".

  2. what I don't like is, the Discover magazine article doesn't mention that it's a hyperbolic display centered on DailyKos. if you don't know how to read hyperbolic displays, it seems like the fringes are much smaller than they actually are.

  3. prof_null says:

    If you check out the page you will see the first image looks like LiveJournal totally dominates the "Blogshpere". Wow! hey- is there any way I can get a visit-o-meter on my blogpage? maybe we're all more popular than we realise!

  4. kencf0618 says: