Night Flight

Night Flight was awesome.
Here's someone selling a 24-DVD set for $120.


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  1. rpkrajewski says:

    I still might have some Night Flight tidbits on VHS - what I definitely have as well is a lot of Snub, which also aired on USA, with its great theme music by Adrian Sherwood (either recycled from or reused as "Sharp As A Needle" by the Barmy Army).

  2. ammutbite says:

    Night Flight was THE place to catch Snub episodes and New Wave Theater w/Peter Ivers....ahhh, youth.
    I still have a big special they did on Cabaret Voltaire on a VHS videotape, along with videos for NickCave's "Tupelo" and "Reality" by Tackhead.

  3. chromebishop says:

    you gonna get it?

  4. jwm says:

    Ah... That's where Black Grape got the samples from.

  5. elliterati says:

    I feel like that's actually a decent price... definitely a better value than, oh, the complete Sex in the City, which is around the same cost.

  6. carbonunit says:

    I bought it.

    Delivery was lightning fast, to Australia, 7 days is much better than most Ebay purchases or Amazon. The disks are unlabelled, blank white printable DVDs. They come 2 to a black plastic case.

    The video quality is alright. There are compression artefacts, not sure if it's because the source material was DivX or if it's from squeezing 4 hours of video per disk, but they look like your average DivX. The tape source was pretty clean, no static or dropouts so far.

    There is no episode list or anything, not even any way of matching the 8 episodes they describe on their page to the disks. I guess that's just part of the fun.

    As they say on Ebay, "Happy with purchase would buy again A+++"

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, I bought it too. Pretty cool. I've only zipped through the first two discs so far.

      I tried to extract one video from it, and these discs seem to make Handbrake lose its mind. Haven't tried too hard yet.