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DNA Lounge update, wherein we shake an angry fist at The Man.
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  1. g_na says:

    I'm totally with them on the tobacco thing; this would be a non-smoking club even if smoking in clubs was legal. We have never taken money or sponsorships from cigarette companies

    And for that, we thank you. Very much.

    And thanks also for the bathrooms that actually work and have toilet paper. Whoda thunk nightclubs were capable of that?!

  2. lanikei says:

    within the last week or two they've been backing down significantly from the measures proposed in the article you linked to. that article was published almost immediately after the incident when all the city council members were suffering from a ridiculous knee-jerk reaction.
    a more recent proposal is a LOT more sensible.

    a few related things...

    dc has been having a lot of youth issues in recent years - schools suck, juvenile crime is going up, the media likes to blame kids, so the police like to enforce curfews. the real issue that i think the council members were trying to tackle in this particular mess are "go-go parties".

    i don't know how well-known go-go is outside of dc, but it IS the city's most viable music scene now. unfortunately it has a lot of stupidly violent fans who decided to settle feuds AT THE SHOWS. there are several organizations trying to keep the parties safe, and the bar the girl was shot at was NOT one that tried at all. basically, dc wants to keep the go-go fans from having gang fights at concerts. but instead they decided to blame the alcohol.

    dc still has some really great all ages venues/bars - primarily owned by the last remnants of the hardcore scenesters. places like the 930 club and the black cat (primarily rock venues) don't have anywhere near the violence problems - mostly b/c their clientele tends towards the white, wimpy, and well-behaved. but of course the dc politicians can't say "just close down the go-go nights", they have to come up with a broader rule.

    anyway... you mentioned the dc hardcore scene, ian mckaye, etc... there was a fabulous photo exhibit by susie horgan recently that is apparently going on tour. the iconic pictures of dc hardcore and straight-edgers were mostly taken in and around dc, and the book and the photos are well worth a look. you really appreciate just how young these kids were... henry rollins even had a neck back then! totally worth the money.

    sadly, i think the all ages stuff is slowly trickling away. the venue in a lot of the pictures, a basement of a church, is now a charter school. and actually, the last time i was there, a bunch of skinheads showed up and started a fight outside - so much for the white, wimpy, and well-behaved. there just aren't many spaces for little dirty punk rock shows anymore. but then, there's not much of a punk scene here to play to anyway.

  3. badmole says:

    But you ARE The Man. *shakes fist*

  4. poopsmoothie says:

    I enjoy watching Ian McKaye rant much more than Henry Rollins or Jello Biafra. Staying off the sauce apparently keeps you clearer-minded as the years pass. (Although I hear he drinks now.)

  5. ammonoid says:

    Dc has some kinda cool laws and stuff. Not only the all ages bars thing, but did you know that billboards are banned *everywhere* inside DC?

    It freaked me out when I moved out here. Billboards everywhere!

    • lanikei says:

      odd, that must have changed at some point... i can think of several billboards... they also really like the gigantic building banners. but certainly nowhere near as bad as other cities.

  6. violentbloom says:

    I used to go to this over/under club in san diego... I'm not sure exactly how this worked but they had one side that was over and accessable to only over 21 and they served booze on that side. On the other, it was all ages and no booze. The same music was on both sides, I think there might have been a window..
    It was interesting socially... cause not everyone over 21 stayed on the booze side as you might expect.