Bigwheel 7

Why I love this town: today a bunch of maniacs raced bigwheels down Lombard Street.

Update: Links to many more photos and videos here.

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17 Responses:

  1. nemesisbecoming says:

    It's only legit if they had that side lever that made them go into a spin.

    That's how you race a Big Wheel.

    • gnat23 says:

      Mine featured the handbrake, but at home point in adulthood, your ass is just barely between the back wheels as it is, and reaching that lever is something of an ergonomic nightmare.

  2. nidea says:

    wow! I love the variety of costumes.

  3. lindseykuper says:

    Man. In Portland, every week a bunch of maniacs barrel down a hill on kids' bikes, but that looks more awesome.

  4. speedracr says:

    Dude. The chick with the pink hair and helmet TOTALLY has the Knight Rider big wheel I had when I was a kid.

    I wanna doooo this haha

    • jorm says:

      She actually had purchased a glowing LED cylon-esque light to mount onto the hood but we ended up leaving it at home.

      (That's my wife, and I'm totally happy about this photo, as I wasn't able to get a good one due to wonkage with the camera I had.)

    • down8 says:

      I had the Knight Rider BW, too. Busted the the neck going off sweet jumps (AKA the curb). Such a sad day.... Luckily I still had my A-Team van & G.I. Joes to go play with.


  5. vespa59 says:

    This was my first year actually riding. Holy shit there were like ten times as many people as last year! I'm happy/proud to report that I am uninjured.

  6. matt_od says:

    ah sweet. you got a pretty good one of me in action. thanks for posting these!

  7. invdaic says:

    I'm going to be very disappointed if the videos from the helmet cams don't show up on youtube.

  8. howie_d_rivet says:

    Last time i did one of these with the East Bay Rats motorcycle club the Fuzz threatened us with jail time. the EBRMC does this every couple of months. tons of fun.

  9. belgand says:

    Dammit... I knew I was forgetting something.

  10. nightrider says:

    Jon Brumit has updated the BYOBW website saying that there was quite a bit of damage done to the gardens on Lombard Street by race fans and that he’s asking for donations to cover the expenses or else he will have to cover it himself. So if you had a good time at the races and want to support what all of Jon’s hard work to make them happen, please consider making a donation so that he will be able to continue to do them in the future.