XScreenSaver 5.02

XScreenSaver 5.02 out now.
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Nazi Robot Attack!

(Also note that LJ now lets you embed anything, as long as you wrap <lj-embed> around the <embed> or <object> tag. Why it doesn't just do that automatically, I don't know.)

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firefox hover

I changed the layout of the DNA Lounge calendar. The page is less wide now, since all the real data is down below the left-side menu. The top part is taken up with a calendar-grid summary. What do you think?

(I'm not real happy with how the text in the "All events are 21+" box looks, but I'm not sure how to re-arrange that.)

Dear Lazyweb, fix my CSS:

In Safari, when you move the mouse over one of the clickable calendar boxes at the top, the background color changes. In Firefox, this doesn't work. The CSS in question is
.ccell:hover { background: #040; }
Please tell me how to make this work in Firefox too. (Does it work in IE?)


To make Firefox work, add a <!DOCTYPE>. To make IE work, only use :hover on <A>.

Next question: can someone tell me why the "Calendar Overview" table on the front page is not wrapping its text in Firefox? Works fine in Safari. It should be constrained to be 180px wide, but it's not.

Update: That table needed "white-space: normal" in its CSS after I added the doctype; no idea how it got auto-set to "nowrap".

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