DNA Lounge: Wherein I break the web site.

I made some changes to this web site; more use of CSS, less use of tables, and I reduced the default font size. Let me know if anything looks weird.

Also, the calendar now has longer text descriptions of some events, instead of just the genre and performer names. The plan is for all of the events to have this, eventually. This makes the page even wider, which bugs me, but I've yet to come up with a good-looking solution to that problem.



So wrong: 6502 compatible compiler and emulator in javascript.

Back when I was writing the emacs-lisp compiler, I considered adding an AppleSoft BASIC front-end for it that would directly emit emacs-VM bytecodes. Fortunately, I reconsidered.

However, I now demand that someone implement JavaScript in xscreensaver so that it can run 6502 demos.

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