setting view options on burned CDs/DVDs

Dear Lazyweb,

Last year I asked how to set view options on .dmg files, so that when you mount the file system, it shows up in list-mode instead of icon-mode, etc. And I actually got answers, and now know how to do it. And there was much rejoicing.

Now I want to know how to do the same thing, but with a burned CD. I want to burn a CD so that when I put it in the drive, it shows up in list-mode instead of icon-mode. And I want the CD to still be mountable on a non-Mac computer (ISO9660 file system, not HFS+.)

Any ideas?

Things that don't work:

  • Creating a .dmg (that has proper view options) and using Disk Utility to create a .cdr ("CD/DVD Master") file, and then burning that from Disk Utility gives me a CD that mounts with the right view options, but it's HFS, and thus unmountable on Linux.

  • Creating a .iso like this:
        hdiutil makehybrid -o new.iso -joliet -iso old.cdr
    or this:
        hdiutil makehybrid -o new.iso -joliet -iso old.dmg
    creates an ISO9660 file system that does not preserve the view options when mounted, presumably because the .DS_Store seems to have been deleted during the conversion process.

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