you'll find my cybernetic asshole requires extra attention today

Crimp off that turd by gently squeezing your nuts:

The Acticon Neosphincter is the only implantable sphincter available for the treatment of severe fecal incontinence.

The cuff is implanted around a segment of the anal canal. When inflated, the cuff occludes the anal canal by applying circumferential pressure. The cuff opens under patient control and refills automatically following defecation.

Implanted in the soft tissue of the scrotum or labium, the control pump contains the resistor and valves needed to transfer fluid to and from the cuff. The control pump features a deactivation option so the cuff can be deflated for a prolonged period of time, as well as a septum port so fluid can be added to the system without additional surgery.

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23 Responses:

  1. mactavish says:

    That's really great. I'm glad they can do that for people. :)

  2. kfringe says:

    If anything ever needed to be tagged "parts," this is it.

  3. This is someone's total fetish.

    I'd look in the .jp webspace for possible websites. That is, I'd look if I wanted to claw my own eyeballs out.

  4. king_mob says:

    The controller goes in your scrotum?

    I think this might've been designed by a woman. Maybe it's revenge for pantyhose, or IUDs, or something.

  5. blaisepascal says:

    You have it wrong... gently squeezing the nuts will open the sphincter, not close it.

  6. da_zhuang says:

    I don't thank you enough for your sense of humor. I just can't stop laughing. The device is amazing, and I'm sure it will help alot of people, but your headline? Priceless.

  7. injector says:

    I hope I don't end up with fecal incontinence and erectile dysfunction or else I'm going to need a bigger scrotum.

  8. baconmonkey says:

    the reacharound machine!

  9. ferrouswheel says:

    I wonder what the use of that would be. hehehe

  10. Too bad they didn't give it a Bluetooth interface.

  11. netsharc says:

    "Cybernetic asshole" eh? Gotta remember that the next time I want to insult somebody...

  12. taffer says:

    "Acticon Neosphincter" is possibly the best product name in the history of the world. Although it was slightly better when I misread it as "Action Neosphincter"...

  13. lifelike001 says:

    this is the second time ive said this here but uh, you COULD just go to the toilet.