Placed by The Gideons

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14 Responses:

  1. g_na says:

    So, where did you go? This was what, the second or third vacation you've taken since I've known you?

  2. pigpogm says:

    Maybe you could tie a loop in the cable, spring it somehow, and set a trap - capture a Gideon.

  3. prof_null says:

    Don't use it! There's a chip embedded in the plug that will block any website except christian websites! ;-)

  4. boldra says:

    Is that
    hygienically sealed for your protection ??

    I suppose green cable means your on the safe side of the firewall...

  5. tangaroa says:

    The Gideons: Putting the cross back in "crossover".

  6. chrisbert says:

    Thou shalt use DHCP, and only DHCP. Thou shalt not manualy set thy TCP/IP address. DHCP is the means of obtaining a TCP/IP address, and the means of obtaining a TCP/IP address is DHCP.

  7. jesus_x says:

    You can get viruses by sharing cables.