Go God. Go Bears.

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  1. zonereyrie says:

    I think he must being going here.

  2. greatevil says:

    seeing this post I was kind of hoping that the song playing would be KMFDM- Godlike.

  3. muftak says:

    I thought god hates bears!

  4. _the_deuce_ says:

    Okay, Coach Ditka versus a hurricane...

  5. liveavatar says:

    That reminds me of a line from Robert Hall's fine memoir of serving in the OSS during WWII, You're Stepping on my Cloak and Dagger: "That's the biggest anticlimax since 'For God, for Country, and for Yale.'"

  6. sc00ter says:

    Whats stupid is if you tried to have an anti-religious license plate, it would probably get denied

    • tekniklr says:

      I believe that the DMV lets most vanity plates through, providing they aren't something that the DMV already has on a list of banned strings. Citizens can complain about any vanity plate they choose, at which point the DMV makes the owner change it. Feel free to complain about this plate, if it makes you feel better.

      The Smoking Gun carries an archive of some of these letters.

  7. mackys says:

    Sure hope s/he got their damn overpriced SUV towed away.

  8. redshrike says:

    is there a chance the driver is this guy?

  9. kimberley66 says:

    Oh pah-leeeez . . .

  10. laenfinehack says:

    Seen in Tampa:

  11. srcosmo says:

    If God = Bears, then one of these statements is redundant

  12. dmlaenker says:

    Speaking as a "bear", does God really need that much encouragement?

  13. xinit says:

    It's close; just one wrong letter.

  14. wetzel says:

    sometimes I hate my school.

  15. lazybeard says:

    I took this in Billings, Montana..


  16. sipan says:

    You've missed a little nuance:
    Cal == Кал(cyrillic)

  17. sordidatus says:

    This picture symbolizes all tha tis wrong with our country right now.

  18. wdr1 says:


    Everyone knows God's a fan of the Chicago Bears.

  19. rjhatl says:

    Hm. Wonder who he'd root for in a God-vs-Bears matchup? Ah, the dilemmas of sports..

  20. ziemael says:

    (Puke) Some fucker ripped my Darwin fish of the back of my pontiac, and keyed it. Now I have the urge to take a tire iron to every fucking car that displays such gross fundamentalism.

  21. astatine210 says:

    But... go where?

  22. down8 says:

    I saw this plate on the freeway the other day. S/He must be one of the stupid commuters, from the valley.