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A bunch of new photo galleries are up: New Wave City, Scarlett Fever, Information Society, Bohemian Carnival, Bawdy Island, and Monsters Are Waiting (who were great, by the way.)

I've written a thousand words in three different entries in the last few weeks which are represented here by the following:   REDACTED  

As you know, I'm not really a fan of the self-censorship, but the fight is draining out of me. This place is beating me down. Lately I find myself weighing "how much does it piss me off to feel like I can't talk about this" against "how much useless bullshit will I have to put up with if I do talk about this" and come up with "fuck it". It's the algebra of defeat, and results in you getting to read fascinating stories like, "wow, more photos."


paper spam

My home address is as unlisted as I have been able to make it, but 98% of the paper mail I get is still glossy postcards with smirking goateed realtors on them. Every few months I email them asking them to stop, and they apologize and then keep sending their shit.

One of them said they get their lists from SF county tax records.

I'm guessing there's no way to get off that list, but I eagerly await you, lazyweb, telling me that I'm wrong, and that there's some way to stop this glossy flood of waste and insipidity.

I'm considering just having my mail slot welded shut.

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