"Dinosaurs probably had tapeworms too, and we can only wonder how long they got."


"Some monogeneans give birth to offspring without releasing them from their bodies. Their offspring mature inside them and give birth as well. Like a hideous Russian doll, a monogenean may contain twenty generations of descendents inside its body!"
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5 Responses:

  1. boggyb says:

    Charming. That's a *wonderful* mental image to have when eating.

  2. violentbloom says:

    speaking of tapeworms...it's time to get retested and see if they're all gone now.
    also the boy is getting dewormed too.

  3. g_na says:

    Wow, that monogenean thing is pretty cool. Although, I still think sharks beat them out with in utero cannibalism - in some species of shark, the fetuses will eat other fetuses (or ova; some sharks reproduce via ovoviviparity, where the fertilized eggs actually hatch within the mother's body, and she gives birth to live young, but I digress) until just one fetus is left in either uterus. A great example of survival of the fittest, I think.

    As an aside, I looked up "in utero cannibalism" to see if I could find a good link, and discovered there is a death metal band by that name...and they've covered the Pet Shop Boys' "It's A Sin"! I think I need a copy of that.

  4. Son, I think it's time you got a colon of your own.