No News.

No News.

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  1. xinit says:








  2. decibel45 says:

    I guess maybe it's only funny if your British...

  3. cameo says:

    Probably my favourite youtube so far this year.

    Eat your heart out, John Cage.

  4. futureofrock says:

    I think that's from the British TV show Time Trumpet, written by the amazing Armando Iannucci.

  5. belgand says:

    Finally, the TV equivalent of constantly refreshing a webpage hoping for updated content. Except that this time they're staring back at me in a slightly uncomfortable way.

    If only news outlets actually had the balls to admit that sometimes there really isn't anything relevant to report so please just check back later and if something happened, well, we'll let you know.

  6. daruku says:

    News is just new plural. I forget where I heard that from ;)