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  1. n_o_m_i_c says:

    The fourth link appears to be broken markup.

  2. phoenixredux says:

    Now, wait a minute... Why single out sex offenders for being ineligible for the lotto? Why not include convicted felons, people who are too short, people who live below the poverty level, and any ethnic group you don't particularly like? I hate to sound pro-sex offender here, but there is a legitimate question of how much society should be able to punish for transgressions of law. Assuming someone serves time, complies with their parole, and already faces public shaming, and in some states they're even subject to chemical castration - how does it make any sense to deprive them of all hope? Doesn't desperation and despair reinforce negative behavior?

    After all, it's not like he was convicted of illegal gambling.

    • fo0bar says:

      I'm pretty sure the goal of the "rehabilitation" system for sex offenders is to get the offender killed, or to get him to commit suicide. Either way, the community wins!

    • sc00ter says:

      I agree, as much as I hate sex offenders, once they have filled their debt to society and let out of prison then they should be as "normal" as possible. If they are still a threat, then they shouldn't be out of prison.

      The more you take away different things to make it harder to fit into "normal" society, the less effort they would make.. After all, whats the point.. They can't live in some areas, they can't vote, they have their name and picture on a list saying their a perv, they have people in the neighborhood talking about all the horrible things they've done. It's almost like they're being setup to fail.

      • chrisbert says:

        There was an episode of one of the Law and Order series where they kept harassing a convicted sex offender who was out on parole until finally he snapped and abused his granddaughter (or at least a young girl related to him).

        Sex offender registries have gone from being a means of identifying sex offenders in a community (obstensively so that people could keep their children away from child molesters). These laws have been expanded to include further and further restrictions and requirements.

        First people complained that sex offenders could live near schools. So they created "exclusion" zones around every school and daycare to a point where there's only a few places that sex offenders can live. Then people complained about all these sex offenders living in proximity to each other, and that the few places where sex offenders could live were turning into sex offender "colonies."

        Society gets what it wants, though. It doesn't want Atticus Finch, it wants Inspector Javert.

    • merovingian says:

      So, you're saying that you're pro-sex offender, then?

  3. I see what you did there

  4. drakkenfyre says:

    Neat! How did you do that?

  5. jabber says:

    Damn straight... Get drunk, go outside the club, take a leak in the bushes, get seen by child... Ergo, lose the favor of Lady Luck for the rest of your miserable life. That'll teach ya! Next time, be a man, drink until you pass out and piss yourself!

  6. jcfiala says:

    You know, considering that I've heard that a lot of folks who win large lottery jackpots completely screw up their lives and lose all the money really quickly - it's not a given that a child molester winning a lot of money is going to be a good thing for that guy.

    Plus, now that he _has_ the money, bets on the families of his victims suing him for it?

    • edlang says:

      Suing him on what basis? Does US law allow plaintiffs to lay claim to potential future earnings of defendants?

      • jcfiala says:

        I don't know. Given that after OJ was aquitted the parents of his victims sued him for "wrongful death", it doesn't seem outside of my ability to imagine him being sued for... I don't know, "wrongful touch" in this case, even if it's not legally sound.

        I am not a lawyer. I'm just speculating.

  7. kimberley66 says:

    hahahaha! Actually, I'm Sagittarius, thank you.