I was all set to buy one of these, and I was looking at the picture trying to figure out whether the slots were wide enough for bagels, when someone pointed out that the skull would be over the bagel-hole.


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  1. gunsafety says:

    Thats gotta be something that you could modify with a bit of soder and 15 minutes.

    Besides isn't taking apart toasters something everyone is supposed to do once in their life?

  2. jayp39 says:

    I should get this for my boss. She recently burned toast and set off our halon system.

    • nightrider says:

      why was there a toaster in the server room?

      • jayp39 says:

        Because the server room is also our office, and my bosses aren't so bright. (obviously, else our server room and office wouldn't be the same thing to begin with)

        It's cute. We're also on a single overworked AC system that fails at least monthly. Sometimes it fails when nobody is here, and the temperatures gets over 100F.

        • wisedonkey says:

          Isn't that a fire code violation?

          • jayp39 says:

            Which part? I'm sure they're violating all kinds of fire codes, not just with that stuff but their practices in general, storing stuff in the AC room, not having enough exits, paths that are blocked or too narrow, etc.

            They believe in fixing things after they have been a problem. For example, now they are building a room for the servers and giving them their own AC with the ability to divert building AC as a backup. When someone dies in a fire, they'll fix the other violations.

    • drakkenfyre says:

      Can you even get that stuff refilled anymore? *sigh* Poor fire extinguisher system.

  3. gfish says:

    Hrm. I bet the resolution of toast is too low to do a smaller one off-center. Maybe a radiation trefoil or hazmat symbol? Those would burn onto a bagel without as much signal loss.

  4. Buy bagels with anus-tight bagel-holes!

  5. That is so awesome

  6. violentbloom says:

    it's possible you could get it to be off center on the bagel... depending on how much side to side manuevering you can do.

  7. lohphat says:

    "Hey, your hole looks like death warmed over..."

    /here all week
    //try the schmear

  8. benediktus says:

    they also have a dethklok.

  9. fantasygoat says:

    Perhaps for the club's kitchen, then.

  10. defenestr8r says:

    since when am I the voice of reason? sheesh.

    sorry :(

  11. pawliger says:

    To see that go head to head with this: for some real heavy toast-on-toast action :)

    • For what it's worth, the HK toaster isn't very good for toasting (bought one for the kid). With these sorts of things you either get half of so toasted you don't want to eat it (the untoasted part is the image) or half of it all floppy and you don't want to eat it (only the image is toasted).

      Uh, yeah, anyway...


  12. qacdefeej says:

    ... they should just burn eye & nose holes into. And teeth...

  13. Aww, cute, it's just like my Hello Kitty toaster. If I had the space to store them, I think I'd collect cute toasters.

  14. chronovore says:

    when someone pointed out that the skull would be over the bagel-hole.

    Pretty sure that's the first time anyone has ever put those words together, in that order, ever.