Oh, Internets, is there nothing you cannot provide?

Surprising things I have learned this morning include:

  • There a blog about lobsters. Just lobsters.
  • There are Lobster Activists who are concerned about cruelty to lobsters. And Whole Foods cares what they think. (Are people also concerned about cruelty to cockroaches? Because they're basically the same thing.)

  • This is what a deliciously naked lobster looks like (See also "boneless chicken ranch"):

  • You do that with a hyperbaric chamber:

The Secret Life of Lobsters: food and sex:

You press the start button on an Avure machine. Powerful pumps whir, and inside a narrow tube in the center of the machine, the water pressure is compressed to several times the pressure found in the deepest trenches in the ocean. The microscopic bugs in your meal all die, giving the food extended shelf life, and reducing the need for artificial preservatives.

The animals are locked inside the tube, alive, and the pumps whir and the water pressure is compressed around the lobsters to three times the deepest trenches in the ocean. The lobsters die, of course -- just think what the pressure on your ears is like when you dive a few feet underwater.

At the same time, all the muscle flesh inside the lobsters conveniently separates from the shell. For the first time in human history, people have finally devised way to extract the meat of a lobster without cooking it.

Hooray for the Internets. And for delicious giant bugs.

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The Japanese stem cell debate: how does it affect boobies?

Stem cells used to boost breasts

Scientists in Japan claim to be able to increase the size of a woman's breasts using fat and stem cells. It is hoped the method could prove a more natural-looking alternative to artificial implants filled with salt water or silicone.

During the operation, surgeons suck fat cells from the stomach or thigh, and this "slurry" is enriched so that there are higher numbers than usual of stem cells. These are "master" cells which are capable of making new fat cells. When the enriched stem cell mixture is combined with normal fat tissue, it can then be injected into the breast area.

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