bask in my aura.

So apparently some guy I don't remember put on his resumé that his cubicle used to be near mine.
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Emu's Not Unix?

This is so awesome. Especially the part where the redneck cop says,
"it's not what you'd call gothic... there's no boots, no chains..."


LJ PSA: you cretins

If you've been getting a whole bunch of spam in the last few days relayed from Livejournal's servers, it's because they decided to turn off all their damned spam filters. And call it a "feature". The fix for this is to completely disable your useless email address. But this doesn't have a preferences checkbox, so it requires some Admin Console hoop-jumping. This won't affect comment emails.

Update: Ok, lisa says they didn't actually change anything about the filtering they do. But, I started getting relayed spam a few days ago that I never got before, and turning off the address will presumably fix that, since I never used that address anyway.

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tiny hats: out. exposed pineal jack: in.

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lumbricus terrestris

Veniamin's Human Slinky

See also Miss Tickle.

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This is for you.

I've already replied to several of
today's emails with this image.
I find it quite versatile.

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is that a shoggoth in your pocket, or..?

Cthulhu doll. Leather. With cock. Leather.

Apparently by bob-basset who makes many strange and creepy things.

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Steampunk Keyboard Mod

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when graboids attack


A 330-foot-deep sinkhole killed two teenage siblings when it swallowed about a dozen homes early Friday and forced the evacuation of nearly 1,000 people in a crowded Guatemala City neighborhood.

The pit emitted foul odors, loud noises and tremors, shaking the surrounding ground. A rush of water could be heard from its depths.