today's vocabulary word is "Pseudomamma"

Pseudomamma on the foot: An unusual presentation of supernumerary breast tissue

On physical examination, the breasts were symmetrical having no nodes or retractions. In the plantar region of the patient's left foot, there was a well-formed nipple was surrounded by areola and hair on the surface, measuring 4.0 cm in diameter, with no palpable nodes. The remaining physical examination was normal, including the mammary line.

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30 Responses:

  1. azul_ros says:

    I bet that gets itchy, being walked around on all the time!
    I've heard of multiple nipples on the abdomen/chest, but never this! o.O

  2. dossy says:

    Am I the first one to think: Awesome! Through the power of selective breeding and/or cloning, we may very well one day have women with breasts on their backs!

    (Dancing joke.)

  3. I am suddenly reminded of Cock and Bull by Will Self.


  4. skreidle says:

    Yo pseudomamma.

  5. lindseykuper says:

    One of my friends, a guy, has always had a couple of spots on his chest, a few inches below his nipples on either side. They're raised and slightly darker and of a different texture than the surrounding skin.

    One day, he decided to go to the doctor and ask what they were. The doctor took a look and said, "Don't worry about them. They're benign."

    "Yeah, but what are they?"

    "They're made of the same kind of tissue as your nipples are."

    "Are you telling me that I have two extra nipples?"


    Since then, he's proudly showed off his four nipples to anyone willing to look at them.

  6. mhagler says:

    i wonder if the patient gets aroused from having their nipple stroked when they put socks on, walk around, etc

  7. now that gives a whole new meaning to foot fetish!

  8. ammitbeast says:

    Who knows? Soon, foot fetishists may have a chance for a twofer: Sucking toes and nipples at the same time!

  9. romulusnr says:

    In the plantar region of the patient's left foot, there was a well-formed nipple was surrounded by areola

    Does the patient get horny whenever walking barefoot over latex, feathers, or cotton?

  10. belgand says:

    Where do I go to get some extra, after-market nipples installed?

  11. movingfinger says:

    New Scientist, 13 January 2007:


    Most mammals have multiple pairs of nipples; like most primates we have only one. Reversions are common: around 1 in 20 people has at least one extra nipple and some have as many as six. These "supernumerary" nipples range from a patch of darker, aureolar skin to a complete nipple or even an entire breast that can produce milk.

    In humans, extra nipples usually occur along the milk lines, two thickened areas stretching from the armpits to the groin that appear in the embryo in the fourth week or so. In other mammals this tissue gives rise to up to five pairs of nipples.

    Extra nipples sometimes form off the milk lines, even on the face or legs. A 19th-century medical book describes a woman who could breastfeed from an extra breast on her leg. Such cases may be due to the failure of cells to migrate to the right place during development.

    Extra nipples are often seen in other primates too. In one group of macaques in Taiwan, up to a third of females have extra nipples.

    Atavism? When on the milk lines, yes

  12. bcon says:

    these boobs are made for walkin' ...

  13. rawdogue says:

    One of my dogs has eleven nipples...

    • We have a 1 year old Maine Coon cat who has 2 extra nipples at the base of one of her ears. She has no problems with them.
      Having said that, people with extra nipples centuries ago were accused of devil worshipping and sentenced to death.

  14. ajaxxx says:

    Does it lactate?

  15. httf says:

    "Supernumerary nipples, and less frequently supernumerary breasts, are present in about 1-5 percent of the population."

    I'm impressed. Why do we never hear about this? I've personally encountered other forms of breast/nipple abnormality, but never extras.

  16. nw says:

    WTF??? o_0

  17. nobodobodon says:

    Listen to "The Frogs" song "April Fool (He had the change done at the shop)" just as soon as you can.