Pseudomamma my ass

To the ten percent of you who gave an answer other than "2" in the nipple poll:

I don't believe you. And therefore I demand photos.

You may post them here now.

PS: This is not a call for furry fan art, fuck you very much.
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25 Responses:

  1. jwm says:

    "Pics or it didn't happen", as the kids say.

  2. latemodel says:

    I'll post one when I find a camera.

    However, if the reason for your doubts stems from the fact that 10% answered your poll in the affirmative, you should reread the New Scientist excerpt that was posted. If you're still convinced it's odd, go take a stats-for-social-scientists class.

    Now, the folks who answered 7 or 8, I want to see pictures just for curiosity. The folks who answered 0 or 1, I want to see pics for proof. And the 5 people who claim they've gotten it pierced, I want to see pics because I've had piercers tell me I couldn't get mine done.

  3. I've got an underdeveloped third nipple which looks like a little bruise on my chest, but a dermatologist confirmed that it is indeed an 'accessory nipple', as he called it. since it is not a proper nipple I didn't answered the poll, because it's not two and it's not three.

  4. You're not getting a photo, but mine are along the same lines as oracolodeifont, along the "milk line" as it's apparently loosely named, on my chest (the line goes down from the nipples, arching inwards a bit then out again). Apparently many people get little nipplettes along that line. The smaller one is just a little pink dot, but it's obvious once you compare it to its slightly larger cousin on the other side, which does have a central nippley bit. Both tiny though and they don't get noticed unless I point them out.

    I guess claiming they are nipples is a bit border-line. They definitely want to be nipples when they grow up, though.

  5. unwoman says:

    I was going to post it in reply to the original post, but it turned out TERRIBLE, but since you insist, here it is: I'll show you in person some time if you really want. It's not really another nipple, but I certainly would have been burned as a witch for it in days of yore.When I was a baby it looked exactly like my real nipples. Of course, they grew while it stayed the same. It's directly under my left boob.

  6. rawdogue says:

    Ya know, I answered '2', but after the results came out, I had to double-check. Darn.

  7. lilamp says:

    i am particularly interested in the ones who answered less than 2...

  8. malachus says:

    I said 2, but after this discussion I have noticed I have two spots that might be underdeveloped spares.

  9. zapevaj says:

    And apparently Patricia has witnessed your answer to the piercing question.

  10. autodidactic says:

    I didn't see this post until now. Hold on a sec...