Um. WTF?

"2000 pigs sacrifice to the deity General Chao of Wudeh temple"

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  1. rapier1 says:

    All I have to say is that I really hope someone remembered the BBQ sauce.

    Pig, perhaps nature's most perfect food. From bacon to pork rinds to ham to crackings its a taste treat that can't be beat!

  2. substitute says:

    I require that this entire event be televised on one of those "Extreme Reality Machine Race to the Death" shows on cable.

  3. sherbooke says:

    I can't help thinking, 'wow, little piggy, who did you last eat'. Scarred for life by the internets. Again.

  4. You should see how many chickens they sacrifice at the temple where they venerate General Tso.

  5. baconmonkey says:

    that is hot.

    other acceptable songs would be:
    NIN - March of the Pigs
    NIN - All The Pigs, All Lined Up
    NIN - Piggy
    Nine Inch Richard - Closer to Hogs
    The Beatles - Piggies
    Die Warzau - Pig City
    Pig - Hog love
    Pig - Flesh Fest
    Pig, Prayer, Praise and Profit
    Green Jelly - Three Little Pigs
    Pink Floyd - heart beat pig meat
    Front 242 - Sacrifice
    Body Count - Cop Killer
    Corporate Avenger - Pig is a Pig
    My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - After The Flesh
    Schwein - Schwein
    Schwein - Lard, Lips, Liquor
    Black Sabbath - War Pigs
    Hate Dept - Flesh Feeds Soul
    SOW - working for God
    Primus - Pork Soda
    Skinny Puppy - God's Gift
    Skinny Puppy - Killing Game
    Steevie Wonder - Superstition

  6. Seems to be an influx of pig-related stories lately.

  7. lars_larsen says:

    I cant wait until the year of the human. :)

    I like all the excavators and front end loaders in the photos. You just cant kill on that kind of scale without heavy construction equipment!