new toys (oh ah oh)

I got a macro lens
(Sigma 50mm F2.8 DG)

It's pretty sweet.
Depth of field
can be millimeters!

I got a panoramic lens
(click for QTVR)

It's pretty sweet.
But very dark, since
it wants a deep field.

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22 Responses:

  1. xach says:

    The shallow DOF can be a problem to work around. Sometimes you'll see people photographing bugs with multiple flashes attached to the camera: they have to stop down to f32 to get anything in focus, and need a ton of light to get anything visible at that aperture.

    • injector says:

      There's a pretty neat program (Windows and Mac versions available, although the Mac lags behind in new features) called Helicon Focus that allows one to take multiple images each with a shallow DoF, while racking the focus. The software then selects the sharpest slice of each, and layers them together to create one image with a huge DoF.

      Of course I love selective focus, but sometimes--especially with macro photography--I want *everything* to be in focus, and there's just no way to do it.

      Speaking of DoF, there's a cool little program for the Palm (also a Windows version to print discs) called, DoF Master. It allows one to select the size of their imaging sensor/film and then see what the DoF would be at varying f/stops with a selected lens. It also allow the easy calculation of the hyperfocal distance.

  2. sc00ter says:

    Is that a Vectrex to the right of the monkey head

  3. ioerror says:

    What did you pay for the panoramic lens?

  4. stoat says:

    why do they insist on putting useless kitchens into these places?

  5. solarbird says:

    Building your own ElectriClerk? I hear homebrew ElectriClerks are all the rage these days. With, you know, the hep cats, or whatever.

  6. wisedonkey says:

    Pfft. Real men don't need macro lenses. We have real cameras with bellows.

  7. ladykalessia says:

    Yum. Be still my foolish steampunk heart. Do we get to see zoomed out pictures of that sometime?

    Also, I'm intrigued by the thing that looks like a bunch of cartoon grapes.

  8. marm0t says:

    wow, barry andrews? no way.

  9. jesus_x says:

    Fracking awesome pad.

  10. sir_montag says:

    Nice shots!

    You should really get a tripod - I got a good cheap one and it's made a world of difference in my recent photos :D

    Very nice panorama conversion - what tool did you use to put it into quicktime?